Wednesday, August 5, 2009

day 1- introductions

May 26, 2009

When I arrived on site I was quite surprised by how much work had been done over the course of the previous semester. First time I went last semester there was literally only gravel and some icf's without the concrete poured inside yet. Now, my sisters house had progressed to having all of the exterior walls and roof stucture intact. After all of the usual introduction papers, requirements, ect. first task was to haul a bunch of lumber inside my sisters house....I was feeling quite ecstatic...(sarcasm noted).

view of the tool shed from the house.

I was very nervous whether or not I would know many people on site. So when I showed up and saw maybe one person that I knew it just felt pretty awkward, heh maybe time will tell.

We took a small trip to the wood shop that we would be using for assemblying all sorts of cabinetry and countertops for my sisters house. When I first arrived I wasnt much imressed by the look of it.

view of the table saw and chop saw

Adrian gave us a small tour of the once school for the deaf. I was interested in the small isolated and padded room, which I thought immediatly, so maybe this is where we go if we screw up. later some of us left and some stayed. I stayed and helped assemble and cut a few work tables. while tis was not challenging it was still fun to finally have my hands on some real tools and not carrying a bunch of lumber around.

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