Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 4 days 14-18

June 15-19, 2009

This week was I was back on site again...doing the usual which was installing furring in most parts of the house, including finishing in the kitchen and in the hallways.

Thurday afternoon me and Kara were working on these brackets above the girders that were suppose to support the drywall on the ceiling edges. It took us all morning to figure it out, because to first time we put up the brackets they were not flush with the top of the girder. So in order for us to get these brackets to fit, we had to essentially warp them with a hammer into the correct shape and bend them around the top plate. Kara in turn was fortunate enough to hammer herself on the finger and had a giant blood blister literally inside of her finger. With this injury it pretty much sealed the deal on this weeks overall success...

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