Wednesday, August 5, 2009

days 25- 27

June 30 - July 2, 2009

These past few days I spent on just hauling ass in some cabinet assembly. I tell you what though, this material just keeps growing on me, and I think personal thought of having a roast outside with it is jsut the start...who knows I might just bring an axe in one day and just level the playing field with this wheatboard. well see how it goes, I beginning to wonder how Adrians going to work around the countertops as well...especially after seeing that sample with a polyurethane finish on it. I liked it alot but I did notice alot of scratches in it and pehaps another finish would work better...maybe more subtle?

Thursday was a half day and we spent some of it on site talking with Robert about our progression as a studio on this project. It seemed like he was proud of us, which is a hopeful reaction, but I do understand where he comes from with being late and all that sort of thing, I guess I try my best, its been a rough summer after all. With Robert getting robbed at the corner the whole place seems a bit sketch lately, I mean I hope there will be some security guards or somthing around my sisters house once it is built. I understand how this building may improve living conditions in this part of town...but, its a huge step, things like this usually come in baby steps.

July 4th has come alast.

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