Wednesday, August 5, 2009

days 9 and 10

June 8-9, 2009

Monday on site there were very few people, but I've noticed mondays tend to be the slow days. This morning was dedicated to working on the furring in the kitchen . The task was similar to the furring in the matrons suite but with higher ceilings and no obstacles to work around.
Tuesday was however the opposite of monday where many people showed up and we had alot fo various tasks at hand that couldnt get done because we ended up having to wait to share the power cord. I had to cut small strips of 1/2 inch material to fill corners in the framing. In order to do this I had to set up two saw horses and lay my lumber across, measure and cut with the skill saw. Only one problem, the skill saw was drawing too much power and causing the circuit to trip over and over again, so no one was able to use the fan or the skill saw very effectively.

Above: sawhorses and framing needing modification.

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