Wednesday, August 5, 2009

days 21-23

June 24-26, 2009

The day before I had asked doug what roofing was like and that it sounded like fun. He replied with a laugh and told me that I must be crazy to think that. He would describe it as a hot a miserable experience and that no one likes to do it. I figureed I would give it a try so wednsday morning, before the day had reached its zenith in heat and humidity I began to learn roofing.

My first task was very simple and very boring. I had to cut small notches out of the metal sheathing. We were at first working on the breezeway between the matrons suite and the kitchen. This part of the roof was conviently flat, with a slight unoticable slope of course.

Before the sheathing was laid down and screwed in, we had to lay down the rosin paper and bend the sheathing around the side of the roof where to drip edge would be installed. Each notch had to be cut correctly so that it would connect and bend right into the metal sheathing laying next to it. Sometimes we had cut the notches wrong and had to lay that peice aside hoping that later it would come into use.

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