Wednesday, August 5, 2009

days 6-8

June 2-5, 2009

Today we began cutting and nailing the girders for the matrons suite. There wasnt many people to help out in this large tast but we managed to split up into separted tasks. I ended up helping measure and nail the girders into their posts attached to the icf's. The most troubling task of all was actually cutting the peice and lifting it above the framing while avoiding plumbing and other mechnical work that was being done to that room. We had to have one person on a ladder on each side of the suite and another to lift the peice up to us and push it over the framing.

above the window and over the top plates show the girders

Once we finished putting up the girders in the matrons suite, we began cutting peices of furring strip to screw into the bottom of the girders just over the top plates. Much like the girders it was rather difficult trying to manuever the strips into place. Each strip had to be 24 inches on center so we had to mark the measurements and snap a chaulk line all the way across each girder, sometimes we had to snap it a couple time for a line to show up. This particular task was vital in ensuring that the furring strips would be installed paralell to each other and straight.

this picture show the furring strips flattened above the top plates.

Once all of the lines were marked two people would have to get on ladders and begin to screw each strip in on center with the line and making sure that each peice was straight. Some additional work was required later on for the strip to through the closet door. I had to install some patchwork to the girders just over the top plate in the matrons suite closet to have room for a furring strip to be attached to the girders. This task turned out to be a nightmare because I ended up having to undo alot of the work people had done the day and redo it so the strips were 24 inches on center. I think this ended up being 12 inches on center for extra support.

On friday evening we went out to lowes and had lunch. They were offering fried chicken along with chips and such foods. I had a great time there and got to talk to alot of familar faces which included Jason, Mira, and Lauren snoderely.

After Lunch I came back to site, I figured why not stick around I didnt have to work that evening. So me and jason had to pull out the professional level and use it to adjust the support beam for the girders in the east suites.

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  1. I have always wanted to do some real structural carpentry. I work in a scene shop for a theater, but never get to build anything heavy enough to last more than the week the show runs.