Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 9: days 34-36

July 22-24, 2009

I had another short break this week and returned wednsday to help finish up the cabinet doors and spines. My first task was to cut a bunch of spines out of the laundry room cabinets so that doors could be places on them. after I had cut all of the spines I went into the assembly room to dry fit one of them before leaving.

Thursday I came in and finished up the previous cabinet assembly and moved onto cutting door frames. A jig was setup so that I could place each peice on the chop saw essentially and cut without measureing anything. This simple tast came and went very quickly and once I was finished Doug was suppose to dado half of the frames. This is when we started running into alot of trouble...eveything just began to break down. First came the radial arm saw which we were using to cut the dado's. Then we decided on using the table saw, but hey...guess what? the blade was wobbling around and wouldnt cut straight. So that day ended up going straight to hell.

Friday I moved onto the last kitchen cabinet I was hopeing I would never have to assemble another cabinet again, but here I was back at it...again.

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