Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 7: days 28-32

July 6-10, 2009

This week everyone was recovering from thier July 4th celebrations. I myself had enjoyed it by shooting off some illegal ones...well for NC at least. Adrain was gone for the first two days so Doug was running the shop. Monday and Tuesday was primarily assembly and sanding.
Tuesdays was the first day I had gotten a chance to actually sand the wheat board down. After the previous weeks of working with this crap material I managed to show a hint of modesty towards it.

There was still alot of chiping and with that comes alot of puddying. However, once the cabinets were sanded a couple times they actually started to look like cabinets. When I think back to the beggining I was just in utter confusion, and then suddenly everything about these things and where they were being placed clicked.

Thursday we expected Adrian to return from the beach, however he managed to get stuck in traffic and couldnt make it back. Hey...I wouldnt mind staying an extra day either, I'm sure that dude was worn out. I would be too if I had to spend so much time with this wheat board, and if that didnt drive me insane I'm sure the plans would seal the deal.

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