Wednesday, August 5, 2009

days 2-4

May 27-28, 2009

This was my first day on site and once I arrived I helped set up the extension cords, chop saws, ladders, that we needed to begin the framing process. Everyone was split up into small groups and assigned to either a grad student or teacher, some were working on their own due to recent experience and work with urban studio. I was sent with Gabe to the matrons galley to begin framing. I individual task set before me was to receive and cut all of the peices for the framing out of the 2 by 4 lumber received the previous days. First important lesson I learned was to cut my measurements on one side of the blade and to always remeasure and re calculate my measurements for the next cut, because the blade accounts for about 1/32 of an inch so marking a waste line was needed for accuraccy.

example of framing
The framing went up in no time at all, and by the end of day we were ready to shoot the frames into the concrete floor and begin cutting and nailing the top plates. By day 4 I was already nailing the final top plates up and working on the ceiling.

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