Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 8: days 33-35

July 15-17, 2009

After a few days of rest I was back in the shop at last. It was a Wednsday and Adrian had me start sealing some of the assembled cabinets with Kara. The liquid was similar to milk and I beleive it was some kind of water base because it caused the wheat board to swell after a while. After an hour or so of this repetitive task we had some people on site come in a take over.

Adrain seperated me from everyone else, so I was a little concerned whether I was going to be able to come up with quality work without other people around to double check my measurements and cuts. I was assigned to work with creating cabinet doors for the cabinets that had already been assembled.

My first step was to measure out each individual door while taking into account 1/16 of an inch on the outside for breathing room and an 1/8th inch gap in between both doors. while everything sounded rather confusing, after a few very tedious and careful measurements I was able to see clearly the amount of detail that I was about to get involved in.

Second step was to cut the door frames...according to the given measurements...sounds easy but the cabinets were usually not square so I had to use the belt sander real carefully until I shaped the peice to a flush fit.

Third step was to measure and cut the handles. I had to draw a line up from the notched spines to the cut door and measure accross and mark an 1/8th inch in on all sides, drill a hole 1/8th inch from both sides. Taking the jigsaw in hand, cut roughly most of the excess wood just an eight inch away from the marked measurements. Once that had been done I had to clamp the peice onto a special jig setup by Adrian to route out the handle. Now it was my first time using the router and I have to say that tool can do wonders, I immediatly began thinking of the amazing things I could acomplish with that one tool, maybe in the near future I might just invest in a nice one.

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