Wednesday, August 5, 2009

day 24- the screw up

June 29, 2009

Today was one of the longest roofing days yet and would end up being my last day as a roofer...sad....but thankful to move on with it. I started off working with anna on cutting the facia boards around the matrons suite to be flush with the rest of the facia.

I wasnt at all thrilled about this, because in my previous times trying to cut the facia board was rather difficult because we had to run the skill saw vertically and make sure to cut a straight edge, that is if our lines are drawn right. Some of the other facia boards didnt look too good, so I felt the pressure as I had to make sure to cut this one right. Luckily the cut went through smoothly and I could move on to the next endearing task.

Behind the house...yes...where all the poison ivy is at and about 3 feet of room outside of a small creek bed. These particular facia boards took a little more careful manuvering than the rest.

Towards the end of the day around 2 o'clock or so I was back ontop of the roof ready to install the drip edge on the back side of the matrons suite. I had gotten jason to show me how to strap into the saftely harness's, which in the end I had to give to somone else due to their fear of heights. So I thought to myself, it should be as simple as the rest of the drip edges, screw here, screw there and wham I'm done. Well its never that easy because apparently my mind was in lala land and I screw some flashing to the roof acting as if it were drip edge. *smack* of course I fixed it but later thought to the hell did that go through my head? anyways thats the last I'll ever see of the roof, up close that is.

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